Waukesha North High School
Waukesha, WI ~ 1991
Here I got a start in minor programming with an instructor that allowed me to use my skills outside of the class curriculum by writing a video game for my class grade. This is also when I, with some assistance from my instructor, wrote my first accounting package for campgrounds.
Graduated with honors in technical education

Milwaukee Business Training Institute
Milwaukee, WI ~ 1992
Received hardware and application training on business class IBM compatible computers.
Skills learned: Building/repairing computers, minor programming in Lotus and WordPerfect, machine language programming, and component level repair.
Graduated with a Diploma in Computer Electronics.

Micros Systems Inc.
Beltsville, MD ~ 1998
Received technical training on their 8700 system. This is an SCO Unix based restaurant management system.
Skills learned: Installation, and management of SCO Unix operating system, database programming, SQL scripting language programming, systems interfacing, and 8700 application programming, installation, and training.
Graduated with certification in 8700 Application and Unix Technology

Micros Systems Inc.
Beltsville, MD. ~ 1999
Received technical training on their 2700 System. This is a DOS/Windows based restaurant management system.
Skills learned: Programming, installation, and training for the 2700 restaurant management system.
Graduated with certification in 2700 Application programming

MindLeaders Inc.
Completed Self Paced MCSE Training Course

Brain Bench Inc.
Skill Assessment Testing

Professional Career Development Institute
Completed course work necessary to acquire a Private Investigator Diploma

Ashworth University
Completed course work necessary to acquire a Small Business Management Diploma

Digium Inc.
Huntsville, AL ~ 2013
Completed instructional and course work related to advanced asterisk administration prior to completion of the dCAP exam.